Intel will help overcome the crisis in the video card market

In the near future, Intel will come one of the top three videotape card manufacturers in the world and will bring the Arc Alchemist family of bias to the request, the donation of which is listed for the coming months. A many days agone, the editors of PC Gamer transferred an open letter to Intel, which proposed to speed up the process of resolving the" agony GPU extremity"that has been going on for the once time. The problem with GPUs arose due to the lack of factors as a result of a force dislocation due to the epidemic, the increase in the fashionability of remote work and the growth of the cryptocurrency request. The force situation has resolved a little recently, and the cryptocurrency seems to be entering another cycle of price decline. Still, videotape cards that have appeared on trade are offered at an exaggerated, absurd price, according to PC Gamer. Thus, the publication turned to Intel with a request to clarify the situation with unborn Arc videotape cards, about which the company is presently distrustfully silent. I'm with you,@pcgamer. This is a huge issue for PC gamers and the assiduity at large.@IntelGraphics is working hard to find a path towards the charge- getting millions of Arc GPUs into the hands of PC gamers every time https// bknQOvUMti — Raja Koduri (@Rajaontheedge) January 29, 2022.
The response on Twitter came from Intel's elderly vice chairman, GM Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, who verified that the company is apprehensive of the delicate request situation and is working to" get millions of Arc GPUs to gamers every time." Despite the fact that the company doesn't indicate a specific date for the launch of deals of videotape cards, their sanctioned donation will be held before the end of the first quarter of 2022.

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